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High-active Skincare
Made in Germany

Accelerate cellular repair and restore skin's optimal functions with concentrated skincare formulas

AUTEUR Essentials

High-active skincare products accelerate cellular repair and optimise skin health. Best-selling, versatile products, suitable for most all skin types.

Definitive Enzyme Cleanser
Definitive Enzyme Cleanser swatch
  • Alpha hydroxy acids gently exfoliate
  • Brighten and refine texture
  • Vitamin C restores radiance
Definitive Enzyme Cleanser
Exfoliating & Cleansing Treatment with Vitamin C
Definitive Lifting Toner
Definitive Lifting Toner swatch
  • Restore skin radiance and luminosity
  • Instant hydration throughout all layers of the skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Definitive Lifting Toner
Firming and Brightening Formula
Definitive Hyaluron Activator Serum
Definitive Hyaluron Activator Serum swatch
  • Immediate, long-lasting skin hydration
  • Rebuild collagen and reduce wrinkle depth
  • Improve skin elasticity and restore a smoother and more even appearance
Definitive Hyaluron Activator Serum
Hydrating Serum with Growth Factors
Definitive Eye Cream
Definitive Eye Cream swatch
  • Comprehensive, targeted treatment to refresh the eye area
  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decrease under-eye puffiness and circles
Definitive Eye Cream
Multi-Faceted Eye Renewal Treatment

Repair and regenerate skin with targeted, high-efficacy serums

Explore serums with a concentrated range of peptides, perfluorocarbons, growth factors, and antioxidants, carefully crafted to support your individual skincare journey

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AUTEUR Definitive Enzyme Facial Cleanser with Vitamin C Texture

Cleanse, Brighten and Exfoliate

Improve skin texture and radiance with a powder-to-foam Vitamin C and enzyme cleanser
Explore Definitive Enzyme Cleanser
AUTEUR Luxury Skincare Definitive Lifting Toner

Skincare built with the transformative power of peptides and over 100 active ingredients

Reveal your skin's own best performance with active ingredients selected for their efficacy, sustainability, and bio-compatability

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Celebrating Authentic Beauty

Explore skincare that activates your skin's own best performance, because true beauty is individual. AUTEUR aesthetician-grade formulas don’t erase your history or hide individuality, but work to activate skin's optimal functions - achieving your skin’s own best performance at every stage of your journey.
AUTEUR worked with German hospitals and scientists to develop super-concentrated ingredients with intelligent delivery systems, all vetted by European Union Cosmetic standards

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AUTEUR is clean, German-born, high luxury label that promises to deliver “High Active Skincare"

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Very rarely does a new skincare line really, truly woo me, but such was the case with AUTEUR.


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