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A multi-functional skin active extracted from brown algae, Kalpariane stimulates skin's natural production of Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and plump skin. Rich in nutrients that provide skin protection, nourishment and suppleness, its anti-aging action decreases collagen and elastin breakdown to keep skin firmer, smoother and infinitely more lifted.

Featured in: Definitive Restoration Cream

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Keratinolytic Enzyme Complex

Enhances skin renewal by gently encouraging cellular turnover, reducing micro-wrinkles and promoting smoother, more even skin

Probiotic Compound

Preserves an ideal balance of microbiota, strengthening the microbiological barrier of the skin and improving immunity. 

LipSculpt Complex

Encourage the production of new collagen by emulating natural peptides found in the skin to restore a smoother, firmer and more even structure.
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